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McDonald's Commercial Insensitive

May 17, 2017

Advertisers have a target audience that they focus on. They can use excitement, emotion, happiness, a need to belong all to help sell their product. McDonald's latest commercial definitely is playing on people's emotions and some are upset by it.

Now normally I don't agree with the outrage people have on the internet or social media by some of these questionable videos/stories, but this one I am going to agree seems kind of insensitive. 

The commercial aired in the UK but has since been pulled. People called it shameless and said it exploits kids who have lost their parents. I mean I get what they were going for with the commercial. They wanted to show that going to McDonald's is a bonding experience between a kid and parent. I think they could have chosen a better topic like discussing going away to college or something rather than a dead parent. 

I may be a bit sensitive to the subject as my mother passed away when I was just 11.