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McDonald's Now Selling Big Mac Themed Onesie?

July 21, 2017

If you consider yourself a hardcore McDonald's fan or know someone who would fit the bill, I have some suggestions for their next Birthday. 

McDonald's just started offering delivery service that they have cleverly coined, McDelivery. You can order using services like Doordash and UBEReats to get your Golden Arches fix. But you can now order more than just food. 

For the real Big Mac fan, you can now have a Big Mac Onesie delivered with your food. 

Because who doesn't want to chow down on a Big Mac while wearing one of these onesies? They've also added other appearal items and even a Big Mac pillow. 

The fast food giant is calling these new offering “a selection of fun, fashion forward items you can wear or use whenever and wherever you order.” It also includes french fry-themed sweatsuits and sandals, hamburger pillowcases and a picnic blanket dotted with McDonald’s items.