Mega Millions Jackpot 4th Largest in U.S. History


October 16, 2018

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If you are one of those people that only plays the lottery when the jackpot gets super high, tonight is a night you are going to want to play. 

Did you see how much tonight's Mega Millions Jackpot is worth? 


$654 million which is the case option of $372 million!!! This makes the jackpot the 4th largest in U.S. History. 

Why did it grow so large? Well, no one has won since July 24th! I actually had a scratcher that I won $30 on a few months back so my fiance and I cashed it in for some Mega Millions tickets. What are your actual chances of winning tonight's jackpot? They are one in 302.5 million!!! 

If you do happen to win the big money, make sure you find yourself a trustworthy, reliable, and smart financial planner/advisor. Do you know how many lottery winners are broke after going through their cash? Nearly one-third of multi-million dollar jackpot winners eventually declare bankruptcy. Some end up worse. Read the sad stories of money lost here

But if you did win, would you continue to work your job?