Meghan Trainor Sending Wedding Invites Via Text

October 15, 2018


Megahan Trainor is throwing one major wedding tradition out the window! But it's 2018, and I think a lot of people are opting to do weddings, engagements, and life a little differently than people did back in the day! I am all for creating new traditions or just doing something completely different than the rest of the people. 

Meghan is engaged to be married, and she's choosing a different means of sending her wedding invites out to guests. 

Instead of getting a traditional paper invite in the mail, Trainor is opting to just send people a text message and to be honest; her reasoning makes a lot of sense. Plus, picking out a wedding invitation can be quite a task, and those pieces of cardstock are not cheap!

Meghan and boyfriend Daryl Sabra got engaged at the end of last year. You can see the proposal here