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Is Melrose Place About to Get A Reboot?

June 16, 2017

It seems the trend of bringing back old TV shows and Movies isn't going to stop anytime soon. Over the last year or so, there have been numerous reboots announced like Roseanne on ABC, Will & Grace on NBC, and now it seems a 90's favorite could be coming back.

Did you watch Melrose Place back in the day? I was more of a 90210 girl and skipped out on MP, but that could also be because when it was on TV I was in middle school and couldn't relate.

Now the CW tried to reboot the show in 2009, but it flopped BIG time. 

Why would the network bring it back again? According to the stars of the show, they aren't down for a reboot, but would rather do a reunion show with all the original cast members. I think that would be cool. 

On a side note, can someone please reboot ABC's Wonder Years with Fred Savage? The show ended with Kevin marrying someone else and not Winnie Cooper. I'd like to see them end up together in a reboot.