Men Spend 7 Hours a Year Hiding Here?

Any guesses?

September 28, 2018

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Guys the jig is up! All of the times when you seem to disappear, we now know your hiding place. 

According to a new study, men spend quite a bit of time hiding out in the bathroom. Oh, is that why it seems to take so long when you're in there? The research found that on average men admitted to hiding out in the bathroom and their time spent hiding adds up to about 7 hours a year!

When the men polled were asked about their main reasons for hiding out in the bathroom, these were the top responses:

1. Needing some quiet time.

2. To escape being nagged by their partner. 

3. A break from the kids. 

4. Avoiding chores.

5. Using their phones. 

Women were not polled, but I would be curious to see how much time we spend hiding out in the bathroom. I know for me, I can get no hide out time in the bathroom because I have two cats, one of which can open the door and come in if she wants.