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Men's Rompers Are A Thing Now

May 16, 2017

Last week I went on a rant about wearing a romper at age 38. I snapped a photo and shared it on social media on me wearing a romper and a friend of mine thought it wasn't age appropriate. The consensus on the Link facebook page was that we can wear whatever we want and feel comfortable in and I say Amen to that! 

It's a new week and now we have another romper rant. This time it's about a Kickstarter campaign started by a company called RompHim! They are looking for funding to start a romper line for men. 

What's better than rocking a #romphim on your own at the #kentuckyderby? When you and your 7 closest friends #romptogether and redefine #derbyfashion.

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If you've ever worn a romper, you know the challenge is taking it off the use the restroom. A romper requires you get naked in the stall just to take a quick pee. Not the most convenient fashion choice. But of course, the rompers designed for men will be easy access and feature a fly. Hey guys, if you want to wear a romper, you too have to strip down naked just to pee. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. 

Just say no to rompers for men!