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Mooresville Restaurant Bans Kids Under 5

March 28, 2017

I think it is safe to say that we've all encountered a screaming kid while dining out. It can make a pleasant dinner turn not so great fast! Sometimes the issue is with the parents who don't know how to discipline their kids and let them get out of control. Other times little ones aren't feeling sitting still and want the whole restaurant to know they are miserable. 

One local restaurant wants to make sure cranky kids never make for a bad dining experience for their patrons. Caruso's in Mooresville announced recently that they will no longer allow children five years or younger dine there. The restaurant wants to be known as a fine dining experience and rowdy kids detract from patron's experiences. 

If you take a peek at their facebook page, you will see that some people are happy with their decision to ban children under five. Of course, there are also the people that are upset. I suppose if I were a parent of a well-behaved child under five that I may be upset too. But all it takes is a few bad parents that let their kids act crazy to ruin it for the one's who keep things in control. 

I did some searching and couldn't find an official announcement on the ban on their facebook page. The only thing I saw was a no children's menu reference on their website. 

You can read more about why they've decided to not allow kids here