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More Allegations Come Out About Kevin Spacey

I was wondering if more people would come forward.

November 1, 2017

The whole Harvey Weinstein scandal seems to have really inspired a lot of people to come out and identify people that have sexually assaulted or harassed them in the past. Sunday evening, Anthony Rapp shared a story about attending a party when he was 14-years-old and having Kevin Spacey come on to him strongly. 

It seems Rapp's allegations have now opened Pandora's box because more people are claiming they too were victimized by Spacey. 

Now filmmaker Tony Montana is telling his story from 2003 when Spacey allegedly groped him at a bar. He goes on to say that he suffered from PTSD for six months after the event where Spacey "forcefully" grabbed his crotch.

And other actors are also coming out as witnesses to Spacey's gross behavior when he was pursuing young actors in the past. If you click the facebook post below you can see the translation to English.

There are other's that have come forward too. You can read about all of them from the BBC here.