More and More Men Are Adopting Cats

Apparently feline ownership for men is no longer a faux pas!

February 1, 2018

© Vadimgozhda | Dreamstime

I have some girlfriends that back in the day straight up refused to date a guy if he had a cat. They thought it just seemed wrong for a man to have a cat. 

As someone who has always loved cats, I think it's cool when a man has a cat. And if you're on team cat like me, you'll be happy to know that cat adoptions among men are on the rise.

Cats are amazing companions. When I am sick, stressed, or sad both of my cats seem to sense something is wrong and they stick by my side. My big cat even lays next to the tub when I shower or take a bath to make sure I'm okay. 

The new study has found that cat adoptions for men have gone up from 13% to 17%. 

Owning a dog is great and all. You can take them for a job and hiking, but they require a lot of attention. Cats, on the other hand, are pretty easy to take care of and require little attention. You need to feed them and make sure their box is clean and they are happy as a clam. 

Also, cats definitely are pickier when it comes to who they will accept into their lives. 

And there are so many cats and kittens looking for homes right now through the Humane Society of Charlotte and CMPD Animal Care and Control!