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More and More People Are Doing This At Work?

People are getting scandalous in the work place...

July 12, 2017

I remember a month or so ago, Matt and Ramona were talking about the growing number of people that were having sex while at work. Like who are these people and where are they finding enough privacy to have sex at work? I don't feel remotely turned on while at work. And it may even be safe for me to say that if someone like Channing Tatum showed up naked in my studio that I couldn't do the deed at work. Ick!

This new study is about sex, but not people having sex together at work if you know what I mean.

We already know that productivity is down in the American workplace. People spend a lot of time on social media, texting on their phones, and browsing the internet. That's where the new study comes in. It's all about the sites that people are choosing to view in the workplace. 

The study was conducted by Insure2Go and found that 65% of people have admitted to watching porn on a device provided by their employer. I wonder what percentage of those people are doing these things while at work on these said devices. 

On a side note, I don't have any company provided technology like a phone or laptop. I bring in my Macbook and have my own iPhone. I don't intentionally view naughty material at work, but sometimes I have to if it's something to do with a celebrity or it's a huge trending story on social media. Sorry Bob in IT, it's just show research.