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More People Are Hitting the Road for Thanksgiving

November 17, 2017

We are just days away from the Big Thanksgiving Holiday. It's the biggest food holiday of the year and also one that most people travel far and wide to celebrate. 

If you're planning to drive a distance for Turkey Day, you won't be alone. AAA estimates over 50.9 million Americans will travel in the coming day for the holiday. Forty-five million will be hopping in their car to make the trek. 

Road trips can be fun, but this year's Thanksgiving road trip will be more expensive than years past because the average cost of gas has risen. Also, more people are going to be driving to their destination, and that means more traffic and gridlock. There are plenty of APPs you can load on your phone to help you navigate smoothly like the WAZE APP for traffic. 

I will be hitting the road myself on Tuesday evening to drive to Philadelphia to see my family. I would leave Wednesday morning, but I know how unpredictable traffic can be on 95 North in Virginia and around the DC Metro area. Here are a couple of tips to make your trip safer this year.

1. Don't get distracted: Put down your phone and focus on the roads. More people on the highways mean there are more chances for accidents to occur. 

2. Make an amazing playlist: This is my tip. My drive to Philly can be anywhere from 8-15 hours depending on traffic. The right music can really make or break a long drive. I typically start to get tired about 4 hours into my trip. That's when I whip out my magical, sing-a-long at the top of my lungs playlist. It helps me stay focused and gives me my second wind to get through the trip. 

3. Pack snacks, drinks, etc: If you have your favorite road trip food on hand already, that will mean you'll stop less.

4. Prep the Kids: Make sure the kids are comfortable. Dress them in road trip appropriate clothing that they can easily sleep in. Also, make sure you have all their gadgets and gear that will keep them busy during the long haul too.

Patience goes a long way when you're traveling. Remember traffic and other incidents are not in your control. You may arrive to your destination later than planned, but you'll get there. Deep breath!