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More Than a Third of People Have Done This at Work?

Where do these people work?

June 20, 2017

I choose the shocked newscaster photo for this story because this may be a bit shocking to some. I know I am a bit embarrassed even trying to find the words to express myself without crossing a naughty line.

So here goes...

There are some days that work is super stressful, and we end up becoming completely frustrated. I have days like that too. Everyone has their way of dealing with stress like breathing exercises, hitting happy hour, or working out during lunch. But according to a study done by the fine folks at Time Out New York, some people are dealing with stress and frustration in a much more salacious way. 

So what are they doing? I'll let a clip from a classic episode of Seinfeld give you a PG-13 answer. 

Who are these people and where do they work? The study also noted that people "treat their body like an amusement park" at work because they are bored, stressed, or feeling frisky.