Most Annoying Words/Phrases for 2017

Do you use these?

December 20, 2017

© Ukimurakung | Dreamstime

There are certain words and phrases that just will not go away anytime soon. That's why an entire list of the most annoying words and phrases for 2017 was created. 

The English language is changing, and we are continually being introduced to new words like bae, fleeky, and mansplaining. There are some words and phrases that hopefully we can leave behind in 2017, and I think this list is a good place to start. 

Most Annoying Words & Phrases 2017:

1. Whatever: This word or phrase garnered 33% of the vote to top the list. There are so many ways to use this word or phrase. I can see how this tops the list because it's all about the attitude of the person who is using it. It can be dismissive or show the person has no care. It can also be a passive response to a question.

  • Husband to wife: "Hey honey where do you want to go out to eat tonight?" Wife: "I don't care, whatever." 
  • When someone says something, you don't agree with or is a way of attacking you, whatever can also be used as a response.
  • Mother to teen: "You need to clean your room right now!" Teen: "Whatever!"(with an eye roll)

2. Fake News: I am guilty of using this term to be funny, but honestly between the election of 2016 and all of 2017 haven't we all had enough. I think the best way to make the phrase fake news go away is to always double check our sources before sharing something that may be fake on social media.

3. "No offence, but...": This phrase automatically makes someone go on the defensive because they think you are about to attack them or say something bad about them. 

4. Literally: This word has to be on the list because people tend to use it was more than they should. Literally, can we just stop? See what I did there?

5. "You Know What I mean.": People say this phrase all the time and sometimes after everything they say! It essentially is a way for someone to buy time or cover their lack of knowledge on a subject. I say it from time to time because I have a brain fart and the words aren't coming to my mind. 

What words and phrases would you like to see vanish for 2018? How about when people use AF as in I am tired AF... That's my contribution to the list.