The Most Common Complaints Wives Have About Their Husbands

December 27, 2017

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Did you know the month of January is the most popular month for people filing for divorce? If you think about it, it does make sense. You don't want to pull the plug and ruin the holidays especially if you have kids so you wait it out. Or maybe your New Year resolution was the be happier in 2016 and your relationship is dragging you down. 

Redbook  Magazine has a list of the 10 Complaints from unhappy wives. Let's see if you have any of these gripes with your significant other.

  1. "He Never Helps Around the House!" This is a big one. There's nothing worse than feeling like you are the only one who does any of the cooking, cleaning, etc.
  2. "We have the same arguments every single day!" Is it getting to be like a broken record?
  3. "He Drinks too much!" There's nothing worse than a grown man acting like a drunk fool. Every now and again I think we can all excuse it, but if it's a normal thing-that's a huge issue!
  4. "His family drives me nuts!" When you marry someone you are also marrying the family too. Birthdays, holidays, Sunday dinners all may mean time with his annoying or dramatic family.
  5. "The Credit Card Statement Is Always A Surprise!" Some people even say that this is a form of cheating when one spouse hides money or credit cards from the other.

There are 5 more that Redbook has come up with too. What's your biggest complaint about your spouse?

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