How Much Clothing Does Average Person Have That's Unworn?

Time to watch Marie Kondo!

January 25, 2019

© Dean Bertoncelj | Dreamstime

Looking to get a bit more organized in 2019? Get rid of some of the stuff you've never worn and will never wear again in your closet. You'll feel so much better! If you've watched Marie Kondo's Netflix series you know we tend to hold onto a lot of stuff we don't use and that doesn't bring us joy anymore! 

According to a study, the average woman has $1k worth of clothing she doesn't wear in her closet. 

I can tell you 100% that I am totally this person. How can I be so sure? I started to reorganize my closet last week. It was crazy to see all the items hanging up that still had tags on them. I found dresses I bought three years ago, shoes I haven't slipped on in five years, and things I don't even remember buying. But it's good to know that I am just like most average women.

The average number of unworn numbers is 109! 

The study goes even further and proves that women love to buy things they will never wear. Now they probably thought they'd find a special occasion but never did. Also hoarding for women is an even bigger problem than most people think.

Oh, and as for how much of our total wardrobe we wear, it's about 41%!!