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Must See: Mom Intentionally Lets Snake Bite Baby Multiple Times

I guess she won't be mother of the year 2017!

June 6, 2017

Sometimes I feel like a real broken record. It seems as if every few months I am writing a new story about some parent that did something so outrageous that the story went viral. It makes me question why just anyone could become a parent. 

We take a test to pass from one grade to another. We take a test to get our learner's permit and driver's license. Yet, when it comes to creating another human being and becoming a parent, anyone can do it. The video and story below is just another example why I almost wish there were some sort of required parenting classes for people when they first get pregnant. There are so many amazing people that are great parents, but there are also a lot of people that are terrible and have no business raising children. This Florida mom would be the latter. 

It blows my mind the things people post on social media for all of the World to see and share. This woman decided to post a video of a red rat snake biting her one-year-old baby over and over again on Facebook and now the story has gone viral. You can see the original video in the news story out of Florida below as well as an interview with the worst mother ever below. 

Why did the unidentified mother let the baby get bitten multiple times? She was trying to teach the one-year-old how to handle reptiles...