Photo by Kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

My Nassau Bucket List

February 3, 2017

Today is day three for me in the Bahamas at Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort and Offshore Island! I'm here test driving all the food, drinks, activities, and sights for you because we have two trips to give away. Starting Monday, you can qualify three times a day for the first trip. The following Monday we do it all over again with the second getaway! 

I was fortunate enough to visit this resort last year, so now that it's my second time around I feel like an old pro! I've eaten at all of the ten World Class restaurants on property, enjoyed the offshore Island, tons of yummy drinks, and took in the sights downtown too. So I have come up with my very own bucket list of 5 things you MUST try when you come to Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island.

1. Be willing to try new foods! If you haven't traveled to the Islands, you probably haven't had a chance to have conch! It's super yummy and you can get it in fritters, salad, or chowder! I tried escargot at the French restaurant last year and loved it. Oh and of course, try new drinks and wines that you otherwise wouldn't when you were home. 

Photo by Kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

2. Live life on Island Time! There's no need to rush to get from one place to another. Things in the Bahamas move at a slower pace and it's a really nice thing! So take some time to enjoy yourself, relax, and unplug from your phone too!

Courtney enjoying some R&R in the Bahamas! Photo by Kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

3. Try the dirty banana! Actually, drink a few of them because they are so good! They are available at the swim up bars at the two big pools. 

Photo by Kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

4. Hit up the Offshore Island! It's just a quick jitney boat ride over to the Island! They have a pool, hot tub, beach, island food restaurant, and snorkeling too! It will make you feel like you are on your own island if you find yourself a nice swing over the water. 

Photo by Kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

5. Take a bus or cab to downtown Nassau! There's a fish fry area that features local island cuisine and something they call Sky Juice. It's the drink of the Bahamas and it's yummy. But beware, because it's strong. Downtown you'll also find other restaurants and shops where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs to take home for the family. 

Photo by kelly Meyers WLNK-FM

I am seriously having a blast and I am sad this is my last full day before I head back to Charlotte. If you are lucky enough to win one of the two trips we are giving away feel free to ask about the restaurants and the places you MUST eat while here. I have quite the list.