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My Review Of The Dating APP Bumble

March 9, 2017

Online dating may be one of the most frustrating things I have ever done. I did a lot of online dating back in 2009 when I was newly single after getting out of an eight-year relationship. My mind was certainly blown back in the day by all the games and rules. But now coming back to the whole online dating scene in 2017, I am feeling rather disgusted. 

There are so many different APPs and websites that it's almost overwhelming choosing the one that may be the best fit for your needs. Initially, I stuck with what I knew in the past and signed up for Plenty of Fish. I think the biggest change I noticed this time around was all the questions you had to answer for your profile. It was time-consuming, but I chalked it up to the more specific I was, the better the chance of finding someone who fit what I wanted. I did meet a few guys from POF one of which I went out with quite a few times. 

I read an article on the best online dating APPs and sites, and it had mentioned an APP called Bumble. There was an immediate appeal to Bumble because it works differently than all the other online dating APPs in that it gives the woman control of the situation. All the other APPs allow anyone, and everyone can message you, and that gets to be annoying. Just like Tinder, you see someone's profile with their photos and a bit about them if they offer up their information. You can swipe right to like them and swipe left to move on. Men on the APP will do the same, but they cannot message a woman because she has to choose to initiate the conversation. So ladies this APP allows us to be as picky as we want to be. You can read some of the other cool features of the APP here

I signed up and immediately started to swipe right and left and started getting matches. I ended up talking to a few different guys on the first night, but one ended up in a four-hour, old school phone call. I have since seen the phone call guy a few times. 

I like Bumble. It may be my preferred online dating APP for now although I'd be lying if I wasn't considering deleting this one too. Maybe I just suck at online dating or dating in general. 

Here are a few tips for those who use Bumble:

1. You Bumble account will link to your Facebook profile. So needless to say, my profile says that I work here at 107.9 the Link. Hi to my Bumble matches reading this. 

2. If someone only has one photo, they probably only want a booty call, or it's an old photo. Within in Bumble's Messenger, you can send a photo. What phone in 2017 doesn't have a camera on it? If they can't send you another picture, they are a total catfish!

3. Don't give your number out like crazy. It gets to be overwhelming when all these numbers are texting you and not identifying themselves. 

You may meet someone or a few people you think you hit it off with and suddenly they just disappear. Ghosting happens a lot with online dating. Just try not to take it personally. It's not you, it's totally them!