NC Ranked One of The Best States for Love

Love is in the Carolina air!

January 14, 2019

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Falling in love can be pretty easy. Staying in love and keeping that love around long-term is a whole other situation. 

There are so many factors that go into play when it comes to finding and falling in love. Did you know that the state you live in can help or hurt your chances of finding that great love? Either did I. 

A study was conducted by Michigan State University that looked at what states were the best and worst when it came to love. How exactly did they come up with their findings? They surveyed people in every state to measure their levels of attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. Attachment anxiety is something found in people who are worried about being abandoned by their partner. These people often times come off as clingy. On the other hand, attachment avoidance is when a person keeps their partner at a distance and never lets them get too close to them. Both of these attachment styles are unhealthy. 

The best states for lasting love are Mississippi, Utah, Wisconsin which all tied for first place. North Carolina was sixth on the list. 

South Carolina, sadly, ranked really low and is one of the worst states for finding lasting love. And oddly enough, Virginia isn't really for lovers. That state fell right in the middle. Perhaps it's time they change their state slogan!