Need to Break Your Phone Addiction?

This simple hack can help!

February 12, 2018

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Look around you right now. I bet you'll see at least one person with their head buried in their phone. And maybe that one person is you. More and more people are becoming digital addicts. They cannot seem to escape their phone, tablet, computer, and anything else that keeps them connected to the online world. 

Just like alcohol, food, gambling, and drug addiction- Digital addiction can cause some real problems for the addict and those around them. ABC's 20/20 even did an entire episode on the growing problem. 

What are some of the symptoms you may be digitally addicted?

Is it affecting your work, school, or home life?

Do you try to control your online time?

Do you stay online longer than you planned?

Do you ignore life happening around you in favor of what's happening online and on social media?

Those are just a few symptoms. There are also some physical traits of a digital addict. 

So maybe you aren't a complete addict, but you want to get more time back for yourself and spend less time on your devices. This simple hack will help make your phone and tablet a lot less tempting. 

Tristan Harris, a former designer at Google, shared this easy idea on CBS This Morning

By changing your phone to greyscale mode, it will make APPs like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook a whole lot less attractive. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can get more of Tristan's tips on how to cut your phone addiction here. I may just try this greyscale rule for when I am trying to spend less time on my phone like on the weekend and see if it helps me be more present in what's going around me. 

Oh, and if you are a digital addict or know someone battling this problem, there are treatment programs and even 12-step meetings available to help kick your addiction too.