Netflix Releases Full Trailer for Final Season of 'House of Cards'

It looks intense!

September 27, 2018

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My boyfriend and I started to re-watch House of Cards on Netflix last week. I have seen every season, but he has not seen the series at all. We were talking about the political climate in this country and I brought up the show and how I wonder if what they portray going on really happens. Is there one giant puppet master pulling all of these strings to make things happen?

Today Netflix finally released the full trailer for the final season and OMG! It looks intense! We knew Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood would have to be written out of the show because he was fired for sexual misconduct last year. The small preview we were given a few weeks ago showed us his grave in the middle of the woods. Now we get a better look at the circumstances of his demise in the trailer.

November 2nd it hits Netflix! Plan your vacation or sick time accordingly!