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Never Grab the Wrong Bag at The Airport Again

In a sea of black luggage, this new cover will make sure your suitcase stands out!

August 31, 2017

Traveling is exhausting even when everything happens as planned.

I'm not sure what is more frustrating. Waiting to deplane when everyone ahead of you is taking forever? Or standing at the baggage claim waiting for your bag? The baggage claim area can be extra frustrating if you're tired and happen to have a black suitcase. Everyone and their mother's brother's sister's friend has the same black suitcase. It can be a bit challenging picking out which black suitcase is yours.

But that scenario could be in the past if you use one of these unique new luggage covers. They're a one of a kind and they will help you pick your bag out of the sea of other bags on the carousel.  

Firebox.com is selling these custom luggage covers that feature your mug! They start at $26 for small bags and go up to $39 for large pieces. 

You'll never mistake your bag with this cover!