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New Amazon Echo Look Helps You Pick Out An Outfit

April 27, 2017

I feel like I run into the same issue every single day. I put on an outfit, look in my full-length mirror, and end up putting on something else. I seriously go through three and four outfits a day if I am in one of those moods. 

Well, now Amazon Echo will have some new technology that can help you pick out your date night look or outfit of the day! It's called the Amazon Echo Look, and it sounds amazing. 

I'm an Apple girl, so I haven't jumped on the Amazon Echo wagon just yet. This new Echo Look just may be the device to bring me over to the dark side. Check out the promo video for it below. 

If you've ever tried to take a full-length mirror photo you know, it can be a challenge. How can you get real feedback from your friends or Instagram followers on your date night look with a crappy picture? Echo Look fixes that issue and more. 

I thought it would be a fortune, but it's on $199.99! You can't just outright buy it as it's invitation only. Get yours here.