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New APP Will Help Heal A Broken Heart

March 10, 2017

Breaking up is hard to do! In fact, there have been many songs written and covered about this very topic. Just like when someone passes away we tend to go through a whole bunch of different emotions and stages of grieving. 

But thanks to technology and a new APP called Mend healing a broken heart may be easier than ever now. I saw someone post about this new APP and had to take a peak for myself. Recently, I went through a breakup, and although I was the one doing the breaking off, it was still difficult. 

Mend's website is fantastic without putting their APP into the equation. There are tons of great articles on how to get over heartbreak, rediscovering yourself, and not settling for someone the next time around. They also offer a podcast and tons of expert commentary! 

But let's talk about the APP. The APP is a 28-day heartbreak cleanse that makes sure you get your mind right to get on the road to healing. Check out the screenshot of it below.

Check out the website full of awesome articles and get the link to iTunes where you can download and start to Mend you heart here