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New Back Seat Alarm Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths

August 1, 2017

Did you know this is actually the deadliest July for hot car deaths in about a decade? Eleven children have died during July alone. 

I cannot even imagine how someone forgets their children in the car, but I am not a busy parent. In fact, I am not a parent at all. Here's an even more shocking statistic. "At least 729 children have died since 1998 from heatstroke in vehicles in the U.S.," said meteorologist Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather Services, who has tracked hot car deaths for the past 20 years.

Now there's a Bill in the works that would require car manufacturers to add a back seat alarm into their cars. “The technology would help because if you’re in a vehicle, your child is in the back seat, and you ignore that alarm: Go to jail. Do not pass go. You had a chance,” said Janette Fennell of the advocacy group Kids and Cars.org. “You talk to any of the judges, they’ll tell you, they’re beyond the hardest things they have to deal with.”

So there must be some sort of device that would be in the back seat that would weigh the seat when the car is turned off. If it detects something the alarm goes off. 

But wouldn't it be easier to have the alarms built into the child's car seat? It seems going the route of having it required by all auto manufacturers would take a lot of time. Just my thoughts.