New Dating APP Caters to Dog People

Must love dogs!

June 25, 2018

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There are all kinds of different dating APPs to fit so many different people's lifestyles. If you're a dog person and want to find someone else that's equally obsessed with dogs, there's a new dating APP just for you. 

It's called Dig and it was created by two dog loving sisters. Casey and Leigh Isaacson created the APP that helps you connect with others by giving you five potential profiles a day that you can either “pass,” “dig” or “really dig.” Once you’ve matched, the app has suggestions for dog-friendly places in the area. It takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the dating process by suggesting places to meet for the first time. The dog-friendly options will give both dog owners the chance to see if they click and if their pooches get along as well. 

“You can search for someone with a dog or without a dog (because we know not all dogs get along – or maybe you want to find someone you can get a puppy within the future)," Leigh said in a news release. The APP also allows you to narrow your search criteria by dog size too. 

The APP also helps market shelter dogs that need to be adopted as well which is really cool! I wonder if there's a cat lover dating APP?