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This New Denim Trend Is Horrific

Who comes up with this garbage?

September 18, 2017

Denim is super hot this Fall. Skinny jeans, destructed denim, super high-waisted, and any color you can imagine. I have found some jeans that I am 100% in love with because they are soft and hug my curves the right way. Plus, they don't get all baggy in the backside after a few hours of wearing them. 

I can get behind a lot of these denim trends even the destructed denim though I had a bit of a fashion issue with a pair of sliced up jeans last week. 

I was able to chat with the store's customer service via Facebook messenger and I was able to return them after wearing them with no issue this weekend. Needless to say, I will definitely be back for more jeans from that store just not the ones that look like Edward Scissor Hands had a go at them! 

So what's this new trend I came across during my morning interweb browsing? It's something they are calling Double Waisted denim. Why? Becuase one waist isn't enough? 

And these Ugly AF jeans don't come cheap either? They will set you back $695!!! Dare I say it? These double jeans may be worse than the jeans Nordstrom was selling with the fake mud on them! Remember those jems?