New iPhone Feature Will Record You If You're Pulled Over by Police

How do you get this sneaky feature?

October 8, 2018

© Cory O'Donnell/News-Press

If you upgraded to one of the new iPhones or updated your software to iOS12 there are so many useful new features. One that I think is important is the one that clocks your screen time. How much time do you spend on average a week on your phone? What APPs are you spending the most time using? How many times did you pick up your phone? This feature will break it all down for you. It can be very eye opening. For me, I was suprised that I didn't use my phone as much as I thought I did. 

There's another new feature that is getting a lot of buzz. It's a new Siri command that will allow your phone to record you should you get pulled over by police. Sometimes you just want to make sure things are being done by the book and this is a great way to capture the moment without being obvious. 

All you need to do is say, "hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over!" Check out the shortcut below. 

The phone goes into "do not disturb" mode so you will not gets calls or texts and interupt the recording! You need to download the "shortcuts" APP from the APP store in order to enable this and other cool features. Once you have the APP click on this link to install the "police" shortcut.