New Study Finds People Really Hate Talking About Money

The hate is real!

January 9, 2019

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Money can be the bain of a person's existence especially if they are struggling financially. If you're in a fairly new relationship you likely have talked about past relationships, emotional baggage you may have, and even issues within your family. Those topics are all okay, but talking about money and finances not so much!

If you weren't sure people hated talking about money, this new study proves it. The study polled two-thousand people and found that people generally have a hard time making decisions about money. The study also went on to find out what people would instead do than make a budget and the results are surprising. 

I don't know about you, but I enjoy my freedom, and that's why one of the findings really has me shocked! Ready? 

20% of people would rather spend an hour in jail than talk about money or work on a budget!!! Sure, it's only an hour, but it's jail! Here are some of the other findings!

1. 34% would rather sit in traffic for an hour.

2.  34% would rather post an embarrassing photo of themselves on social media.

3.  27% would rather get stung by a bee.

4. 26% would rather talk politics with somebody they disagree with than write a financial plan with a family member.

5. 16% would rather sit through an intense movie SEX SCENE with their parents. (I find this much more uncomfortable than talking about finances!)

Is talking about money and a budget really that bad?