Cat People Aren't Crazy After All!

Cat lovers rejoice!

August 22, 2019

People who love cats have had a bad reputation for far too long! 

When did the terms crazy cat people or crazy cat lady begin? And why did it begin? Is it just because crazy and cat sound good together? People with other animals like dogs don't get the same bad wrap as people with cats. 

But today that stops! 

According to a brand new study, the crazy cat person stereotype is not based on actual scientific evidence. The University of California, Los Angeles conducted some research to see if there was really something to cat people being crazy. Even though people that have cats usually have a negative personality association by others this is unfounded. They found that those who own felines did not report suffering adverse mental or social problems any more than those with dogs or no pets at all.

So what does that mean? A woman with one cat or four cats is not crazy just because she has a feline. "Cat owners did not differ from others on self-reported symptoms of depression, anxiety, or their experiences in close relationships."

The stereotype has even gone on for so long that you can buy a "Crazy Cat lady" costume for your young child!

Also, people who share photos and videos of cats have been targeted in the past as being single. This is also not true.