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New Video Shows United Doctor Taunting Cops

April 12, 2017

Remember there are always at least three sides to every story. In the case of United Airlines Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, KY there seem to be more and more sides of the story coming out. The airline has found itself in a media poop storm after a passenger was drug off an oversold flight Sunday in Chicago. 

Thanks to phone video cameras we were all able to see exactly what went down. The video was so shocking as the man, David Dao, appeared to have been violently taken out of his seat and is seen with a bloody mouth. The original video that has since gone viral is below.

But here we are a few days later and there's some more footage of what actually happened before the man was removed from his seat. 

In the video you can hear Dao explain that he's a doctor and has to be at work tomorrow. He also straight up refuses to get off the plane. In the audio you can hear plain as day that he said that "he's not going" and they "can drag him out". Well I guess he got exactly what he wanted.

United's CEO, Oscar Muñoz, made another statement on the issue yesterday. 

So after seeing this new footage, do we still think the airline and the authorities were totally in the wrong?

Anytime I have seen them ask people to bump off the flight they do it at the gate. I guess I am confused why passengers were allowed to get on the flight if United knew they had to take four people off to accommodate their employees.