North Carolina Is One of the Smartest States

Of course we are!

November 25, 2019
North Carolina state of United States flag on flagpole

Yay! North Carolina is one of the smartest states in the U.S. according to a new study

Before we break down the smartest states and how this list was compiled, there's another interesting tid bit the study discovered. What percentage of people do you think they have above average intelligence? That answer is 65% of Americans. That's a lot right. 

Safehome used data on college degrees, high school graduation, professional or advanced degrees and test scores to create a smartest states ranking. 

Top 5 Smartest States:

1. New Jersey

2. Utah

3. Massachusetts

4. North Carolina

5. Montana

I'd say being in the top five is something to be proud of for sure. South Carolina, on the other hand, ranked 35th on the list. 

5 Least Smart States:

1. Idaho

2. Oklahoma

3. New Mexico

4. Arizona

5. Louisiana

Perhaps you can take this info to your family holiday gathering for some friendly banter.