Olive Garden Is Releasing A Make-Up Line

This has to be a joke, right?

August 3, 2018


When you think of Olive Garden, you likely think of never ending pasta or Tour of Italy. But apparently, the OG is expanding their offerings. 

They tweeted this photo out earlier this week and I don't know how to feel. 

They made what seems to be an annoucement on Tuesday about releasing a make-up line. Each color in the line was said to be inspired by a menu item or ingredient. Some of the colors were "Breadstick bronzer", "Marinara Rouge",  "Royal Ravioli", and "Spaghetti Sparkle."

As it turns out the make-up line was just another PR stunt kind of like IHOP's IHOb announcement, but maybe even crazier. 

Well now I want some Olive Garden so perhaps their trickery worked?