OMG! Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol

What rule did she break?

June 27, 2018

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I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like to go from being a somewhat normal person to being a Royal. Meghan Markle wasn't exactly an everyday woman because she was an actress and celebrity. She really became a household name when she began dating Prince Harry and when they announced their engagement late last year. 

But Meghan could do whatever she wanted essentially. She could wear shorts, colorful nail polish, open-toed shoes, etc. But once she became part of the Royal Family, she had a whole new set of rules that she has to follow at all times. What did the Duchess of Essex do that was against Royal rules?

She crossed her legs! OMG!!! Someone call the police! She was at the Young Leader Awards yesterday at Buckingham Palace when she crossed her legs. That is a huge no-no according to Royal Etiquette. If you remember the rules that were sent out to everyone who attended the Royal Wedding last month, one rule was that women had to sit with their knees together at all times. 

There's a certain way they are supposed to sit. It's called the "Dutchess Slant." Essentially her knees and ankles should be together and she should be leaning a bit to one side. 

Can you imagine a World where it's unacceptable to cross your legs? Royals more specifically Queen Elizabeth does not think that sitting with your legs crossed is lady-like. Ha!