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One of the Scary Reasons So Many People Get Married

And it has nothing to do with love...

July 14, 2017

Here comes to Bride walking down the aisle to the man she will spend the rest of her life with or so we hope. But we all know about the divorce statistics in our country. Sure, they have gone down some, but that's because fewer people are getting married. 

There are some many great reasons to get married like you feel as though the other person completes you. Or you cannot imagine a day without them. Or how about they make you want to be the best version of yourself? Awe so much love it's almost making me sick. 

But the reality is, many people who get married are doing it for the wrong reasons. I was engaged in my late 20's to a guy, and he was a complete jerk. But I accepted his less than romantic proposal because by that time I had invested eight years of my life on him. I just thought it was the next logical step. Thankfully, I didn't marry him. 

I just read an article about marriage and one of the reasons people get married is because they just want to be married. It was one of their huge goals in life to be married, and maybe they even set a timeline for when they'd want to get married. These people are most likely to get married for all the wrong reasons and end up settling. 

If your ultimate goal is to be married at some point wouldn't you rather wait for the right person instead of settling? In case you didn't know, divorce is a major pain in the ass and can be very expensive. It can also be a long-drawn out process. 

See if I had married that guy I spent most of my 20's with, I would have been settling and getting married just to be married. In the end, we would have ended up getting a divorce.