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Oprah's Getting Into the Food Business

August 9, 2017

I am feeling the need to break out that famous Oprah Winfrey meme. It's been modified to fit all different pop culture references, but it still fits. 

But instead of everyone getting cars soon everyone will be getting healthy comfort food from Oprah! She bought into Weight Watchers after endorsing the weight loss program and losing weight in 2015! 

Her new line of food will be called O, That's Good! How fitting! It's a partnership between Oprah and Kraft Heinz. The line will include mashed potatoes, other side dishes, and soups. But they will all be healthy. 

Obviously, the mashed potatoes will likely contain more cauliflower than potatoes to make it a healthier comfort food option. Look for them on store shelves ASAP. And in case you were wondering on pricing, the soups will retail at supermarkets for $4.99 each, and sides for $4.49 each.