Dating: Have You Ever Been a Victim of "Orbiting"?

Can we get some good news for the single people out there?

July 20, 2018

© Andrea De Martin |

I feel like I am always the bearer of bad news for all the single people looking for love via the many dating APPs or online dating sites. I wish I had some good news to share relating to the dating world, but sadly the terrible trends continue. 

If you've dipped your toe into the dating world over the last year or two, you know it's a frustrating place to be. People lie on their profiles about what they are looking for to lure others in. Although it may say, he is "looking for a long-term relationship" many times that person wants a quick hookup or something casual like a friend with benefits. Look, there's nothing wrong with wanting those things. I have a problem when people mislead others and make them think there's potential for more when there is not. 

So what's this new dating trend? It's something called "orbiting." If you've been ghosted by someone, it is likely you've also been orbited too. Ghosting, if you forgot, is when you are talking to someone or even seeing them, and they vanish off the face of the Earth. You text them or call them, and you never hear from them again. It's a crappy thing to do to another person especially if you've been seeing them exclusively. According to science, ghosting hurts because you are being rejected and you have no idea why. It makes you question your actions, and sometimes people begin to blame themselves. 

If you think ghosting sucks, just wait because orbiting is far worse. In a way, you are ghosted by the person because they are no longer in direct contact with you. Instead, this person watches your social media accounts like your Snaps on Snapchat or your stories on Instagram. Do these people not realize you can see who views your content? 

Why do we put up with this garbage? Last year when I was trying my hand at dating, I put up with this crap too. But seriously, if people keep allowing behavior like ghosting, orbiting, submarining, and whatever other horrible terms there are out there people will just continue to do it. Know your worth and do not settle for someone who makes you an option in their life.