Parents Begin to Go Stir Crazy 13 Days Into Summer Break

Are you there yet?

June 21, 2018

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If your kids go to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools today marks day 13 since they've been on Summer break! Are you going crazy yet?

Today is the first day of Summer and there's still plenty of Summer vacation left before the kids head back to school on August 27th! You still have over two months to go if you haven't started counting yet. 

A new study looked at how long it takes parents to wish Summer break would end and it's only 13 days into the kids being off from school. Wow! Can parents not even make it an entire two weeks before they start losing it? OnePoll conducted the study for Groupon of 2,000 parents and how they cope with the school summer break.

What is making parents so crazy? Many are concerned that their Summer plans for their kids do not live up to their expectations. I think we can all blame social media for this fear that parents have because their kids can see how their friends are spending their vacation. 

Also, 58% of parents are overly worried about planning out their kids entire Summer and keeping them busy. The study found that parents are filled with guilt and they actually have a name for this feeling, Parental Summer Guilt. Most parents polled feel the most guilty because they think their kids are spending too much time indoors and not outside. 

Oh, and here's a crazy figure for you! How much do you think the average parent pays to keep their kids busy over Summer break? $7,333.80!!!! If you think about it, going to camp is expensive and so is going on vacations and day trips. It can all add up quickly.