Parents Would You Rent a Drug-Sniffing Dog?

Want to put the look of fear into your teenager's eyes?

July 10, 2018

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I cannot even imagine being a parent in today's World! I know my family struggled enough with me when I was in high school, and I was a pretty good kid overall. I skipped school a few times and stayed out past curfew, but I didn't do anything too terrible. 

Parents have so many more issues to deal with when raising kids now. There are different social media platforms and the impacts it can have on your child. Bullying has been around forever, but it's gotten so bad. Depression and other mental health issues are on the rise for young people, and then there's drug use. Many of these issues could be a parent's worst nightmare. 

I remember when I was 16 I went to the local fair. There was this stand that had incense and woven bracelets. They also sold pipes for marijuana. My friends dared me to buy one, and I did. No big deal or so I thought. My grandmother found it and flipped out. It was unused obviously, and even though I explained my reason for buying it, I was still grounded. 

If parents think their kids are doing drugs, there's now a new option to get the truth out of them. Sure, you can go and buy a drug test at Target, Walmart, or any drug store and find out pretty quickly what they've been doing but that can come with some resistance. Parents in Kansas City, Missouri now have an even better option to sniff out any drugs their kids may have on them. It's a business called Metro K-9 Detective Services

The company rents their drug-sniffing dogs out to companies, schools, and even parents or people. I remember in high school when the drug-sniffing dogs would come through and bust people with weed in their lockers. No one wants to see a drug-sniffing dog especially if they have drugs on them or stashed in their personal belongings. The dogs are trained to detect narcotics such as marijuana, PCP, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine (with the street names of “ice, glass, and crystal”) and MDMA (street name “ecstasy or molly”) in your home and other residential locations.

Dog rentals start at $200! In this day where drugs and more specifically heroin and other opioids are being used and misused by so many, I think this service is worth every penny. If you think there's something not right with your kid or someone in your family, you are likely correct. Your gut instincts are pretty reliable. 

Just remember, getting a dog to sniff out whatever drugs the person may be doing only confirms what you already likely knew. This technique won't make that person go to drug treatment. It can help parents and other loved ones set boundaries that can begin to help with the issue. 

Unfortunately, we cannot rent these dogs in Charlotte. Maybe there will be a service in the future available here. In the meantime, here's a great video the Drug Enforcement Administration produced that shows all the places people can hide drugs in their room. It's mind-blowing.