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Passenger Tries to Open Plane's Emergency Exit Mid-flight

July 10, 2017

There have been quite a few stories this year about travel horror stories on commercial flights. This one that broke over the weekend may be the worst if you are someone who already has anxiety flying.

I am that passenger that needs to medicate myself before a flight. I used to be really anxious on planes but learned to get over it when I lived in Oregon and had to fly home multiple times a year to the East Coast. I guess I kind of just got over my phobia. I didn't fly for quite a few years and now my anxiety towards flying is worse than ever. 

I fear everything from crash landing to being hijacked to having someone flip out midflight. And that's what happened on a flight over the weekend from Seattle to China. The man assaulted a flight attendant and even tried to open the exit door during the flight. 

The crew tried to stop the man by smashing multiple liter wine bottles over his head. It's situations like these that make me think that there should be some sort of tranquilizer on board to deal with people like this. Inject someone with something they'd use in the mental hospital to put down patients when they go insane and the issue would be over quickly. 

Seems like a no brainer to me especially when your flight is in the middle of flying over the ocean and you can't exactly do an emergency landing to deal with the person.