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Peep The Newest Flavor Of Oreo Cookies Here

February 17, 2017

I love Oreo Cookies, but there have been some pretty nasty flavors they've come up with over the last few years. Hands down the best flavor Oreo cookie are the Marshmallow Krispy treat flavor. Unfortunately, they are near impossible to find. 

Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, all things Easter are hitting store shelves. So it only seems fitting that Oreo's next flavor has Easter written all over it. 

You are likely to Expect seeing these bad boys pop up on shelves within the next couple of days! Exact date will vary depending on where you live. As for where, this picture arrived on the Walmart Website, but Target is probably a safe bet as well. Happy Hunting! . . . . #oreo #oreos #cookie #cookies #peeps #peep #peepsoreos #nabisco #limitededition #iifym #macros #junkfood #cheatday #fit #sweettooth #easter

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Seeing as though I am not a fan of peeps, I will not be running to the store to sample this new flavor. On a side note, can we get a carrot cake flavored oreo sometime soon? How amazing would that be?