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People are Choosing Uber Over An Ambulance to Hospital

December 18, 2017

Sometimes we get really sick or injured and cannot drive ourselves to the hospital. Ambulances are a great way to get to the hospital in a pinch because they will put on their sirens and lights and get you there ASAP. Plus, if you're brought in via Ambulance you tend to be seen quicker. 

But if you've never had a ride in an ambulance, you may not realize how expensive they are. I had my first ambulance ride this year after falling and hitting my head and I was billed $800! That's after insurance paid their portion! Eek! 

According to a new study, ambulances aren't most people choice anymore when it comes to getting to the hospital in an emergent situation. Instead, people are opting to use Uber. It makes sense to me because ambulances are so expensive. If you're not dying there's no need to spend all of that money when Uber can get you there rather quickly too! 

The study conducted by the University of Kansas looked at data from 766 US cities that also had Uber availability. In those cities, ambulance use was down 7%! 

This is good news for people's wallets and other people who truly need an ambulance. This decrease means that more ambulances were available for true emergencies since people were using Uber instead. If you're sick and considering using an Uber, just remember that if you throw up or do something else that expels bodily fluid there will be a car-cleaning surcharge added to the bill.