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People are Going Under the Knife to Look like Melania Trump

June 22, 2017

People have been going under the knife and getting plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrities for a very long time. This isn't some new trend. 

We've all seen and read the crazy stories about people shelling out tons of cash to look like a human Barbie Doll, Kim Kardashian, and even Justin Bieber. But move over Kim and Biebs because there's a new celebrity/public figure people want to look like. 

A Houston, TX Plastic Surgeon, Franklin Rose, is seeing more and more women coming in and requesting a "Melania Makeover". The surgeon and one of his patients were featured on Inside Edition earlier this week.

All in all patient Claudia will have 8 different procedures done to help her look more like the First Lady.

She underwent some of her surgeries a few days ago so we will have to wait and see the end result.