People Are Killing the Mood by Doing this During Sex

Seriously, this needs to stop!

April 5, 2018

© Yekophotostudio | Dreamstime

We live in a society where many people don't have proper phone etiquette. By that I mean they don't know where and when it's not appropriate to take or make a phone call. Just look around the next time you're out and about, and you'll see so many people with their faces buried in the phones and ignoring everything else going on around them. It's sad! 

Today I found the results of a shocking study about just how many people are using or checking their phones in one of the most inappropriate situations. Any guess what it may be? 

Before I divulge the ultimate phone use faux pas, here are a few other findings from the study. Wi-fi and high-speed connectivity are more important than sex, drugs, and alcohol for some people. In fact, breaking a digital addiction can be much more challenging. 

In my opinion, you should never check your phone during sex. But sadly, the study found that some 7% of people have done it. 

If you cannot put down your phone during sex, well we won't be having sex again ever!