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People Are Using Hard Boiled Eggs To Put On Makeup

March 22, 2017

There are quite a few really odd beauty trends that I just cannot comprehend. Like why are people contouring their necks, shoulders, legs, and chests? Seems a bit extreme to me. 

The latest beauty trend is said to help us have that flawless look when it comes to blending in our foundation and using highlighters and contours. Ok, I want to look flawless!

People are actually tossing their beauty blenders and instead using something that can be found in the kitchen. The new trend is using a hardboiled egg. Check out the video below.

I mean his makeup came out awesome and all, but hardboiled eggs have a fart like smell to them. Imagine how your face would smell all day long after using the egg to put on your makeup! Yup, no thanks. I'll stick with my beauty blender.