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People Of Charlotte Voted Some of the Ugliest & Rudest?

April 20, 2017

Charlotte, North Carolina is a great place to live and work! In fact, the Queen City ranked 14th on the list of the best cities to live for 2017 according to US News & World Report. But when it comes to other things like attractiveness and manners, Charlotte and its people are getting some bad reviews. 

In case you didn't know, there is literally a survey on everything. Travel + Leisure conducted a study on cities nationwide. It's a study called the America's Favorite Places, and it asked T + L a bunch of questions about cities included the attractiveness of the residents. So how did Charlotte do? We are 4th on the list of the least attractive people list. 

Here are the 5 Cities With The Least Attractive People:

1. Baltimore, MD

2. Sacremento, CA

3. Spokane, WA

4. Charlotte, NC

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

6. Cleveland, Ohio

I can't believe we ranked so high on the list. And to add insult to injury, Charlotte also ranked pretty high on another not so nice list. According to Travel + Leisure (clearly, they have something against our amazing city and its people) Charlotte is the 14th rudest city.

But how? Bless your heart, southern hospitality, and those white rocking chairs at the airport would make any feel welcome here! 

Maybe we are considered one of the rudest because the majority of people living in the Charlotte area aren't actually from Charlotte?

To the people who think so poorly of ur gorgeous Queen City and the people that live here I have one thing to say...