People Love Dogs More Than Other People

May 10, 2018

© Lukifer | Dreamstime

People love their pets. We spoil them like they are our children sometimes and would do anything for them. For me personally, a house is not a home without a pet. Whether I'm sick, sad, or had a bad day my cats seem to sense it and stay by my side to comfort me. 

And now two new studies are shedding some light on why we seem to love our pets so much. 

A medical charity research company out of the U.K. created two fake charity campaigns. The first asked for money to help a man and the second asked for funds to help a dog. What one do you think got more contributions?

The U.K. study found that people were willing to give more money and compassion to the pooch. 

Are we really surprised? I think it was last year or the year before that it came out that people spent more money on their pets than their significant others during the holidays.