People in Relationships are Heavier According to Science

January 25, 2019

© Kaspars Grinvalds |

Ever hear of the saying about people in love being "fat and happy?" Apparently, there's something true to this saying or so a recent study shows. 

The research was conducted at Central Queensland University in Australia and Stephanie Schoeppe and her team found a direct correlation between people's weight increasing and their relationship status. It makes complete sense to me. 

The study was done over a period of ten years and analyzed 15,000 students. The research found that people in happy relationships weighed 5.8kg more than single people. That translates to about 12.7 pounds. 

So why are people in relationships more likely to gain weight? They are spending more time eating and drinking out with their bea. They also don't need to worry as much about their physical appearance because they've found their person. 

You can find out more reasons happy people in relationships pack on the pounds below from the full study!