Petition Created to Stop "Real SideChicks of CLT" TV Show

Stop Making Stupid People Famous!

February 8, 2018

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Do you remember hearing about a new reality TV show based in Charlotte a few months ago? It was getting a lot of bad press because it's a show that features women that are the proud side chicks of men in committed relationships. 

Think of the biggest trash reality TV show and take that down ten more notches and that's where The Real SideChicks of Charlotte would fall. The show has already filmed its first season and was supposed to be on Netflix last month. 

According to NBC Charlotte "the show features scantily clad women having sex with married men and fighting for anything they want. The show, which producers say is waiting on its final edits, is already an online hit with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram."

But people aren't having any of this show and are trying desperately to stop it from airing on Netflix or TV. In fact, an online petition was started and lots of people are signing it in protest. 

The petition takes a stance against the show and questions the morality of the women, men, and people behind it. The Change.Org petition says, "A show promoting violence, adultery, ignorance and prostitution is not what our community needs. Our community should be against promiscuity, infidelity, drug abuse, greed, lust, and supporting women who are classless and money hungry. Members of the cast have children who will eventually see the show and the degradation of their mother being a "side chick"."

I think we have enough crap reality TV that makes stupid and immoral people famous. Can we please not let Charlotte be attached to this garbage?